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    Started Tower 8/15/16

      I received my tower garden on Monday 8/15/16 and assembled it. It was pretty easy to do. Filled it with water and put some tonic in there and let the pump go. Everything worked. I got the grow lights with the tower, but didn't realize I needed the support cage at first. So I had to wait for the support cage to come before I could put the grow lights on. When that came, everything was set up and ready to go.


      I started my seeds also on 8/15/16 and by 8/18/16, there were already sprouts. This was faster than I thought. On 8/19, I went away for the weekend and put my sprouts in the sunniest location I could find. I don't have a south facing window (which is what I found to be recommended for starting seedlings indoors and growing most plants inside as well), but I figured there was enough sun.


      When I returned on 8/21/16, the plants were much bigger and looked pretty good, however, I was going away the next day on Monday 8/22/16 for a week down the shore. I had to leave the sprouts where they were because I didn't know if they were big enough for the tower. I just added extra water in the tray. After I came back from the shore on 8/27/16, they were still alive and bigger. I showed my friend pictures of the sprouts and she said they look leggy. Probably because they were reaching for the sun. I asked if they were going to be okay and are they big enough for the tower. She said they should be okay and just to put them in.


      So I put them in and almost two weeks later, they are doing great. Some of the real leggy ones have new growth now and stems look stronger. I also decided that when I start new seedlings to put the tray on the reservoir lid so the grow lights could shine on them. When I did my second set of seeds I put the tray on the reservoir lid and they sprouted much better.


      I tell you, this tower garden makes growing things easy, especially when I have tried numerous times to grow herbs and failed every time. Here are some shots of the sprouts at the beginning and what they look like as of 9/7/16.



      started seeds 8.15.16.jpgsprouts in a few days 8.18.16.jpg


      Leggy plants in tower:

      put first sprouts in tower 8.27.16.jpgfirst sprouts in tower. sprouts in tower 8.27.16.jpg

      Plants as of 9/7/16

      sprouts as of 9.7.16.jpg