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    Tabbouleh   -- Tower to table recipe! 

      Here is my recipe for Taboulleh.  Depending on what I have growing well on my tower I adapt it.  Below is all I used from my tower.  The only additional ingredients are fresh lemon, fresh garlic, bulgar wheat, olive oil and salt and pepper. 


      1 cup Bulgar wheat  soak in 2 cups water for about an hour


      1 c. parsley

      1/3 c. mint

      cherry tomatoes

      1/2 c. celery (the green tops best)

      3 lemons

      1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil

      generous teaspoon of cumin seed


      This recipe is EASY PEEZY and a frequent staple all summer.  Chop and prepare all of the produce.   (the quantities are quite flexible)   Mince the garlic.  Drain the bulgar wheat.    Gently stir everything together.  


      Dressing  is equal parts of lemon juice and EVOO with lots of garlic (to taste) cumin seed and salt and paper.  I make the dressing in my vitamix. 




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