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    Growing Muscadine Grapes


      Fellow Growers,


                                    I have had great success growing vegetables inside of my Grow Tower, so now I'm looking to start fruits. I LOVE Muscadine grapes and can only purchase them one season(Fall) out of the year. I am currently located at Robins Air Force Base, G.A and wanting to know if I could grow and produce Muscadines inside of my grow tower? I know I would have to hand pollinate it unless I purchase a self pollinating one which I would still pollinate just because I like doing it.  I have the lights for the grow tower and also purchased a timer as well. Now I can trick the plant into thinking its fall year round with 12 hrs light and 12 hrs dark, but will I stress out the plant by baring fruit year round? I personally was thinking no just because the plant will have a direct unlimited supply of nutrients and minerals.


      I am wondering if this could possibly be done?

      I'm really hoping so




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          Hello starbaserobins,


          I was hoping someone would have experimented with grapes, but it looks like you may be the first if you decide to try it out! Vining plants can be difficult, but I know people have grown cucumbers, melons, and pumpkins, so why not give muscadines a try? I would defintiely use a trellis to support your grape vines.


          Let us know how it goes! Happy growing!

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            Hi starbaserobins, Just remember that grapes are a flowering / fruiting crop... and as such, require special lighting, nutrient schedules, manual pollination, support (trellis), temperature & humidity control, etc. when attempting to grow indoors. Good luck with your experiment! Let us know how you make out!


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                Its been almost a month that my Muscadine Vine has been inside of my Grow Tower and there are no leaves. I planted it right at the time of Dormancy so there weren't any existing leaves to start with except for two or three leaves which eventually died off but there are Terminal Buds that are still fresh in place for the new hotter/warmer seasons. I've broken a couple of vines at the end of the plants to make sure its still alive and its just as green as a grass. Now since its been almost a month after planting I've spotted some new white roots growing from the root system. Slow growing, but growing. 


                I'm pretty sure that my experiment will work, but it's taking entirely to long for the plant to start growing at a steady rate. I'm pretty sure it's because my plant has went to sleep for the cold months.


                With all that being said is there any information you could help with to wake a plant from sleeping(dormancy)???????? .....Self-Pollinating Muscadine Vine.......