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    Tower Garden now in our schools


      I am looking forward to helping the schools in our area who just received their Tower Gardens for second graders.  If you can give me any help  or know where I can show my support to them please let me know.  I know this community is available to help, and that is amazingly special for busy teachers who are excited to do this. I want this to be a great experience for them so that they will feel all of these efforts are worth their labor.   I have my own tower, but I have not had the best experience out doors with some of my plants. Lettuces and herbs and some flowering plants like zucchini and cucumbers have done well, but I can't seem to grow spinach, or strawberries. I'm sure they will have lots of questions that I probably have never asked.  These towers will be indoor. So, any great advice to get them started will be appreciated.  Lastly, I realize they will have a curriculum to get them started.  I'm sure they will have access to your Tower Talk correct?   How do you suggest a school fill the reservoirs? Do they need to buy a hose?  Do they need to filter the water.  What items do you suggest they have on hand to get started along with what is part of each tower.  I want to be able to assist them as they put the towers together so let me know how I should best advise them. my email is nancymaccarter@gmail.com


      Thank you so much for your help.