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    Grow light issue

      Hi!  I'm Nancy a SC from Ohio.  Our school system recently purchased 4 towers from Juice Plus. They also ordered the grow lights. Although the schools love the gardens, the lighting has proved to be a problem.  I am going to one of the schools today to see what the problem might be.  They feel the clips are not strong enough and they pop off too easily.  They are concerned with children that the lights could be knocked off. I know when I have seen these at Conferences they look secure. I am concerned that they may not be attached correctly especially if they are swinging.  Would it help if I sent a photo after I visit the schools? Maybe you all can remedy the problem as they want to order 9 more towers, but if the lights are that difficult to secure they are thinking of getting those elsewhere and I would love to share that there is a way to secure them safely.


      Keep in mind the teachers love the towers and the grow system in their STEAM program.  They have planted the seeds and although I am no longer teaching, I am the one who orchestrated that they purchase the towers under  one of my new reps.  Do you have any ideas for  me to give to them.  I would hate for them not to purchase more in the future.