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    What is this?!


      What is this crazy thing growing in one of the ports? I've been growing a tower inside for 3 years and this summer will be my 5th time outside. I've never seen this! Kinda creepy! It's only in one port, sharing with the kale. Well, I should say, it USED to be in that port.  Thanks ahead of time!



      20170415_202914 (1).jpg

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          Hi carriebohl, That looks like a Liverwort (often mistaken for being a moss):


          What are Liverworts?



          "Liverworts are simple bryophytes with thin, leathery bodies, they grow in  flat, moist terrestrial habitats or surfaces of still water bodies. The body of most liverworts has no true leaf-stem structure, hence it is often called a thallus. The thallus is often subdivided to form lobes, and the lobe size may vary among various species. Some species have ‘leaves’ (not true leaves) attached to ‘stem’ (not a true stem). These ‘leaves’ are a single thick cell and have no cuticle or vascular system. The ‘leaves’ are often divided into two or more lobes and arranged in two rows. Certain liverworts may contain a midrib, and some have pores through which the gas exchange takes place. Unlike stomata in higher plants, these pores cannot close. Some liverworts cannot be resistant to periods of dryness, whereas some are adapted to withstand this situation. Sexual reproduction is similar to mosses. The umbrella-shaped gametangia arise from the gametophyte. Asexual reproduction happens through lens-shaped tissue pieces, which are released from the gametophyte."





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