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    Best way to organically eradicate aphids indoors?

      I have been spraying Neem oil practically daily, and I can't get rid of them. I don't know where they are coming from.

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          Hi juliehughes, A reoccurring, aphid infestation could be a sign that some other aspect of your growing system is out of whack. The very first thing I would recommend is that you ensure you are in compliance with *all* the guidelines of the following doc:


          Tower Garden Fundamentals



          Believe it or not (believe it), the more you deviate from those guidelines, the greater the chance of insect and disease issues. If you are (religiously) following those guidelines and still have aphid issues, then next step would be to apply an organic foliar spray pest treatment ("Mix #1" - Neem Oil+Peppermint Soap) as detailed in the following doc:


          Organic Pest Control



          There are many products out there with the same name (ex: "Neem Oil"). However, the concentrations and additives in these products can be vastly different. So, be sure to follow the mixing instructions EXACTLY and do NOT substitute ingredients.


          If you have been applying the foliar spray pest treatment described above and continue to have aphid issues then it may be time to switch to a systemic treatment protocol:


          Note: If you reached this point and still have aphids, be aware there is an extremely high probability you hosed-up some part of the prior recommendations and an extremely low probability that you actually have a serious systematic aphid infestation. Just sayin'  ;-)


          Systemic Treatment Protocol for Persistent Aphid Infestations


          AzaMax (OMRI certified organic)



          Follow label instructions carefully. It is strongly advised not to jump right to using AzaMax unless the usual foliage treatment protocol (Neem Oil+Peppermint Soap mix) has proven ineffective.


          In extreme infestation cases (eg. Root Aphids), AzaMax can be added to the TG nutrient solution just prior to a complete nutrient solution replacement:


          • Set Nutrient Pump Timer to "OFF" Mode
          • Add AzaMax to Nutrient Solution Tub
          • Thoroughly Mix AzaMax into Nutrient Solution
          • Set Nutrient Pump Timer to Back to Normal "Timer" Mode
          • Run TG Normally for 24 hours
          • Dump / Drain Nutrient Solution Tub
          • Refill TG Nutrient Solution Tub with Plain Water
          • Set Nutrient Pump Timer to "Constant ON" Mode
          • Run TG for 1 Hour
          • Dump / Drain Nutrient Solution Tub
          • Refill Nutrient Solution Tub with Fresh Nutrient Solution Mix
          • Set Nutrient Pump Timer to back to Normal "Timer" Mode


          It is recommended to wait at least 24 to 48 hours after AzaMax has been applied to foliage and/or flushed from the nutrient solution before harvesting plants from your TG.


          Again, it is important to read and understand all product label application and use instructions.

          When in doubt or conflict: The Label is the Law.


          -- [please mark this post as "Correct Answer" and/or "Helpful" when appropriate] -- Happy Growing! -JoeD towergarden level2concepts tgtech TG Tech

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            I had the same problem. 

            What has worked best for me was to make up a gallon of the neem oil/ insecticidal soap mix.

            Then remove each plant from the tower and turn it upside down, then plunge it into the mix. This is best done with two people. One pulling and placing plants and one dipping them. 

            Repeat two days latter. 

            This worked best for me so far and I did not see any aphids for almost two weeks, but they were back today. 

            I believe I should have followed that again 5 to 7 days after the second dunk. 

            Good luck Rick