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    Resources or Experience with TG & local food banks


      Hi - I posted a picture of my personal tower garden & was contacted by a friend who works for a local food bank.  She wanted to know how her food bank could incorporate tower gardens.  Anyone have experience with this?  I saw the community garden flyer & community garden set up documents, but would love some more information / insight / pointers from anyone who has done this.  My meeting is tomorrow -- so my apologies in advance for asking for information / pictures / key points to review.  Thank you in advance!  AKG

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          ssmikulski - can you assist? I know you know how beneficial a Tower can be for this type of organization.

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              I have 8 tower gardens at the Annapolis Light House Prevention & Support Homeless Center in Annapolis, MD, two indoors, one greens and the other herbs, and six outdoors.   It is providing sustainable produce for the 50-100 people who eat there every day.   Six months later the community gardens came out, and if I had known about them, I would have absolutely done those.   Our shelter also has B.E.S.T. Programs (better employment success training), one is culinary and the other facilities and maintenance.  The facilities guys built the platform where the tower gardens sit, and the culinary school chefs incorporate fresh greens and herbs into their meals as well as use them for teaching to help teach students about various tastes of herbs and greens such as Swiss chard, bok choi, arugula, Bibb lettuce, and many more. 


              Here is a picture from this week outdoors and one of the ones indoors.  Email me if you have more questions.  I am sorry to see this so late but I was just discharged from two day sin the hospital.  My email is ssmikulski@gmail.com. Sue MikulskiIMG_3051.JPGIMG_2882.JPG

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