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    Basil and Sweet Peppers


      I have two questions...


      First of all I am wondering how to tell when my Basil is done and needing to be harvested fully.  I use it all the time and LOVE it, but I still have a lot!  I have two kinds...the traditional green one and Amethyst Basil as well.  A friend is taking care of it right now while I'm out of town and she said the purple one is turning green and she's thinking it needs to be picked? She is supposed to send me a pic but I don't have it yet.  Will post it later if you need it when I get it. 


      Second, I am growing Sweet Peppers, which I assumed were like the mini sweet peppers we buy in the store...the red, orange and yellow ones but after 9 weeks, they are still only green.  They are growing beautifully, but are still all green???  Wondering if you have any input?  I'm in Peoria, AZ by the way.

      Thanks for your time and help always, Valorie