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    Indoor tower garden plants showing signs of bacterial leaf spot and blight....i think


      New garden has been up and running for just over 14 days and for the last three days leaves are showing light white areas. The edges eventually turn a light brown and some of the leaves are showing some rust or or light color spots. I have been using actinovate since starting, have grow lights on 14 hours a day, PH is 6.0, nutrient solution in new garden is at half strength, a series of 2 small 4" fans run for 15minutes every hour facing up from the base providing minimum air flow.

      Any help or advice (to avoid having to start over) would be greatly appreciated with the following questions:

      1. How do i treat these existing conditions now in a nontoxic way so that plants are eventually safe to eat.

      2. What chemical treatment can i purchase to prevent them or is there a chemical treatment which can do all or most in protecting the plants from seed to maturity with these conditions and other common ones.

      3. What type of fan or fans and size, how far, how often should it run for optimum airflow to tower.

      4. After i keep this plant infection at bay or cure it, and harvest this round of crops, should i take everything apart and disinfect everything and start over or just dump the water and replant.

      Thanks to anyone in advance for any and all help.






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          Hi jj5245, Nice setup! :-) Please provide a bit more info:


          • What is the expiration date on your package of Actinovate?
          • Please provide water source and water filtration details (if any).
          • Did you grow these seedlings from seed or were they purchased as seedlings from an external source? (please provide details).
          • What is your nutrient solution temperature?
          • What is your ambient air temperature around the TG?
          • What is the relative humidity around the TG?
          • What are your nutrient pump timer On/Off settings?


          BTW/FYI: Your photo of Cauliflower appears to be of the seedling's cotyledons (not the true leaves).


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              Fuirst of all, thank you for responding and offering assistance. The array of bewildering information and products available online makes solutions to some gardening problems very difficult for the novice.

              1. The Actinovate expiration date is 07/24/17. I know its normal shelf life is a year and its normally stored in a refrigerator until use. It is applied with room temperature chlorine free spring water.
              2. The seedlings have been grown from seeds in seedling tray with a heating mat and light in spring water with a light nutrient solution. water was changed or consumed by seedlings about every 2 to 3 days.
              3. Nutrient solution temperature is 69 degrees
              4. Ambient air temperature around the TG is 70 degrees
              5. Relative humidity around the TG is 49 percent.
              6. Nutrient pump timer On/Off settings are 15 minutes on and 45 minutes off.


              Lastly, yesterday after some more research, anticipating that waiting might hurt the plants further, i applied neem oil at a rate of 4 tablespoons per gallon in a spray throughout the tower. I assumed it would be the least harmful solution even if it were wrong.  I also placed a 10" fan on a bench about 12" high aiming up to the tower on one side. It is providing a larger airflow although mostly only to one side, but more substantial. It is replacing the two small 4" usb fans.

              Thank you again.


              Update - Monday june 19 , 7am. Neen oil had little to no effect, plant disease is still spreading.Cucumber leaves and tomato plants are affected as well.

              Update - Thurs july 17. Have tried the neem oil and now southern ag boi fungicide which seems to be keeping condition at bay. Removed affected leaves as they have shown themselves. Will try a complete cleaning and sanitation with a bleach soulution during my next solution drain. I will keep everyone posted with my progress in hopes that if someone else has this problem they can use this experience for assistance. Await any other assistance if its out there. Thanks