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    Water temp too high


      I'm a first time TG'er. I got mine about a week ago. I use Joe D's method for growing from seed for 20 plants, which are doing well. We were also gifted 8 seedlings which we put in the tower 2 nights ago. I live in Little River, SC (Near Myrtle Beach) and it's hot and humid all summer. Today is 86F and 70% humidity. Most of the seedlings in the TG are not doing well. I checked the water temp and it's up to 85F degrees. I know that 70 would be optimal. I am putting bottles of frozen water into the tub to try to cool it down, but I can't do this every day all summer long. Solutions? Other than growing indoors? Assuming that my current plant issues are caused by the excessive water temp, that is. My water is balanced and 1/2 strength.

      Thanks for any help.

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          Hi andrewbeam1@gmail.com, The summer heat can be a challenge... there is no one "magic bullet" solution to keeping the TG cool (yet). Some suggestions - leaving out the "Move the TG Indoors" option as per your request:


          Keep the TG nutrient tub full
          Keeping the nutrient tub full at all times slows down the rate at which the nutrient solution increases (or decreases) its temperature.


          Insulate the TG nutrient tub

          Wrapping the TG nutrient tub with water resistant insulation will help keep heat out and cold in.


          Keep the TG off the ground

          Use a TG Dolly or similar device to provide an air gap between the TG and the ground.


          Place frozen water bottles in the TG nutrient tub
          Rotate frozen water bottles daily between the freezer and the TG. Tip: If you don't use a Support Cage or do use a Support Cage but do not lock it down to the TG tub, you can fill old 1-gallon TG Mineral Blend bottles 5/8 full with water and freeze them. If you cannot lift the TG base to insert large bottles into the tub then use the largest food grade plastic bottles you can find that will fit through the TG tub access port.


          Shade the TG from direct sunlight

          Use shade cloth or move the TG inside a screened-in patio / lanai or move the TG to an area that receives direct sunlight in the morning and dappled sunlight in the afternoon.


          Stick to growing heat tolerant plants

          Know which plants grow best during hot summer months in your area... and which ones do not.


          Build a nutrient chilling system

          If designed properly, a nutrient chilling system is an extremely effective solution to keeping your TG cool. Unfortunately, it is an expensive option that can easily cost several hundreds of dollars. There is currently no off-the-shelf system available for the TG so you would have to be famiular with the design requirements, purchase the parts, and DIY.


          Take the hot summer months off from growing
          Sometimes fighting mother nature is just not worth the effort. Use this time to break-down the TG and perform a complete system cleaning and prepare / plan for growing soon as the weather improves.


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