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    bush bean and snap pea issues


      I started with a used but clean tower garden and placed bean and pea sprouts into it.  They have been in the tower for a few weeks and I am noticing that the leaves at the top of the plant are dying,  They look burnt but I have not sprayed them nor has it been too brutally hot here.  We have been getting plenty of rain and cloudy weather in the northeast.  Usually by this time they are more vibrant.  Already two plants died.  When I first put the seedlings in the tower they were very small so I used half strength mineral solution and then a week later I added the remaning amount of mineral solution.  PH 5.5, unsoftened water.  My other two towers (one mostly tomatos and the other greens and herbs are doing just fine.)


      I an attach photos if it's a possibility.  Pouring rain and thunder now so I will have to wait until tomorrow.