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    Is R/O water better when using a water softener?


      Forgot to mark as a question the first time. I need to get a water softener in my home as the hard water is wrecking havoc with toilets, dishwasher etc. It is also causing a mineral build up on my tower that hardens on the inside and is extremely labor intensive to clean. I realize that I will need to use potassium instead of sodium in the softener and that it's still not "optimum". I just started filling a pail from my kitchen sink which has a reverse osmosis system and this definitely helps cut down on the scaling. I can get 4.5 gallons in 10 minutes, so it's not too time consuming. My questions are, will I still continue to use the r/o water when I get the water softener and if so, do I need to add back in the calcium and magnesium that the r/o system filters out or does the nutrient solution have enough? Thanks!