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    Need Help With My Tower


      Hi there, I have some questions about my tower garden that I was wondering if you could help me out with….

      I live in the Santa Clarita, California area and it does get HOT here (above 100) I have a tower garden and have had it about 5 weeks now I have it outside with the pump running 15min on and 15min off I also have an LED Light over top to provide some additional lighting to the plants. I started out the tower with the Mineral Blend A and B from Juice Plus and per the directions started it out at Half strength. I also got the PH level under control and put 7 pepper plants and 7 lettuce plants in the tower. After about 4 weeks of operation with the tower running (using the provided nutrients) I did not see any growth or development of the plants getting bigger so I went over to my local Hydro store and picked up some Fox Farm Grow Big Nutrient Supply (this was recommended to me by one of the workers at the store). I then came home drained the reservoir and refilled it with full strength of the new nutrient supply. At this point all of the lettuce had died (i think due to the heat level) and now I only have the pepper plants in the tower. (which have only grow another inch or two since planting them). I am at a complete loss and have no ideas on what to do now. I can’t get anything to grow in the tower and am reaching out to you for some much needed help….


      Fell free to call me at 818-554-9398 or send me an email at tylies@icloud.com



      Thank You


      Tyler Lasdon

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          Hi tylertower,  Sounds like you have a few things working against you. Firstly, Have you tried reaching-out to the local JP+/TG Rep who sold you the TG? They should be able to provide you with "local expertise" unique to your specific geographical area. I would definitely start there. And remember, you can always call the helpful folks at TG Customer Support with any questions / comments / concerns:


          Tower Garden Customer Support

          Phone: 866-235-0414 (Available M-F 8am-5pm CT)

          Email: towergarden@customercare.com


          That being said, I spot 2 major issues with your setup (there certainly can be more) - Temperature and Nutrient Solution.



          Choose your battles (and your crops) wisely. For example: Lettuce is a cool weather crop. You will encounter challenges when attempting to grow lettuce (and many other crops) in 100°+ F temperatures. Nutrient solution temperature is critical... it should be kept in the 65° to 75° F range. Many TG growers in the warmer climates keep frozen water bottles in the nutrient tub to keep the solution cool. Insulating the tub helps. Using shade cloth helps too. You may find the following article helpful:


          Helpful Advice for Gardening in the Heat



          Nutrient Solution

          I would strongly advise that you crawl before you run. Stick with TG Mineral Blend nutrients. [treading lightly here] There are certainly alternative nutrient solutions you can use in the TG. However, selecting and using alternative nutrient solutions in your growing system requires an advanced understanding of how these formulations work and which are safe to use in your specific growing system (by that I mean you, not some dude at the local hydroponics store). For the record, the nutrient solution you mention is not one I would recommend for use in a recirculating hydroponic system such as a TG.


          You may find the following docs helpful when using TG Mineral Blend:


          How to Mix TG Nutrients



          TG Nutrient Strength Selection



          General Recommendations


          Reach-out to your local JP+/TG Rep for help/advise.

          Read and follow all of the guidelines in this doc:


          TG Fundamentals



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