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    GFI keeps tripping


      Hi, I just started with my Tower Garden and am having trouble with the GFI tripping after several hours of running without a problem. At first, it would run 6 to 8 hours before tripping. I got a new pump, and things ran fine for a week, but then the GFI tripped again. My Tower is outside, on an outdoor extension cord. The timer is set for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. The connection between the Tower cord and extension cord does get rained on, so I have the connection wrapped in electrical tape to try to prevent moisture from getting in there. Any suggestions?

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          Hi hideye, I recommend you take the following steps:


          • Inspect all electrical connections to ensure they are clean and free from debris and moisture.
          • Inspect all electrical cords for any damage - replace if damaged.
          • Ensure you are using at least 14/3 AWG cords rated for outdoor use.
          • Use the shortest length cords possible (excessively long cords will cause problems).
          • Plug the nutrient pump cord directly into the nutrient pump timer and the timer into an extension cord (if needed).
          • Ensure the timer remains in an upright position (with power sockets facing down)...
          • Protect the timer from moisture by placing it in a plastic enclosure.
          • Consider upgrading your timer to one that is 100% waterproof:
            HYTimer - 100% Waterproof, Wireless, Repeat Cycle Timer
          • Use weatherproof gaskets at all electrical connections (nix the electrical tape wrap):
            Weatherproof Gasket 5-Pack
          • Cover all unused electrical outlets with an outlet plug:
            Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs
          • GFCI devices typically protect more than one outlet. These outlets are usually near areas that can potentially be exposed to moisture (outdoors, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, etc.). Be sure to apply all of the above to all outlets protected by the GFCI device you are using with your TG.


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