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    Pump got louder


      Hi There,


      We are LOVING our new TG.   At first, we didn't hear the pump, but over the last couple of weeks, the pump is loud.   We tried fixing it and filling the tub up to the fill line, but nothing has helped.  Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi courtneya, I would first check to ensure your pump is resting squarely on the bottom of the tub using all 4 suction cups. Also, make sure no part of the pump is in contact with the tub sidewall. The pump's filter inlet side (side opposite the power cord) should be facing the tub sidewall... and close to, but not touching it. You should also avoid an excess length of pump power cord inside the tub. The power cords should exit the pump and make its way toward the hole in the side of the tub. If you do all these things and still have a noisy pump, you may want to clean it using the procedure below:




          Nutrient Solution Pump Maintenance

          (perform these steps every 30-60 days)


          Regularly clean the pump filter and impeller assembly to maintain optimal performance:


          Follow the directions that came with your pump, carefully disassemble it. Here are some generic instructions that should work for the majority of pumps supplied with the TG:


          • Pull off the front cover of the unit.
          • Clean the filter vents on the front of the unit.
          • Clean the foam filter located behind the front cover.
          • Twist the impeller cover counterclockwise to remove.
          • Carefully remove the impeller assembly (Figure A: Example Impeller Assembly).
          • Remove & rinse debris from the impeller cavity (use a small tube brush or 4 Q-Tips bunched together).
          • Use your fingernail and/or an abrasive cleaning pad to carefully remove anything stuck to the impeller magnet.


          Important: Even the slightest amount of material (yes, even a thin film of algae) in the impeller cavity or on the surface of the impeller magnet can adversely affect flow rate.


          • Reassemble the pump.


          A word of caution: The pump’s impeller shaft is made of ceramic (not metal) and will break if not handled carefully.


          Nutrient Solution Pump Storage


          • Clean pump following steps above.
          • Remove all water from inside the unit and allow it to dry before storing it.
          • Store in a cool, dry place.


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