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    mixing the TG Nutrient Solution


      Joe D posted an awesome document explaining how to properly mix the Tower Garden nutrients (document called Mixing TG Nutrient Solution), but I'm still a bit confused.   I followed his directions step by step to fill the entire 20 gallon tub.  All seems fine there.  I get confused when I'm trying to have the proper mixture ready in a 5 gallon bucket (as suggested) so as to replenish the Tower.  The directions say to substitute the word "tub" for "5 gallon bucket."  If I substitute those words it appears I'm putting the full 400 ml of each in the 5 gallon bucket and filling the rest with water.  That seems to be double the strength of the 20 gallon tub.  (I did that and PH is way off- 4.5) Should I be waiting until there is only about 5 gallons left in the tub, then add the mixture in the 5 gallon bucket, topping the rest of the tub with water (therefore tremendously diluting the mixture)?  Or am I way off here?  Logically it's not making since to me, so I think I must be missing something!  Thanks for your help.