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      Greetings, for those of you who have taken down your Tower to clean it, you might find getting all the mineral deposits and other stuff off the Tower components is a pain.  I found a solution - literally! 


      First place four of the Tower sections into the base of the Tower tub,  Then fill the Tower tub base with water until the sections are just covered with water - about half way filled up.  Then pour a 1/2 gallon of Vinegar into the water and let things sit for at least six hours - I let mine sit over night.  Then squirt some Dawn dishwasher liquid into one of those Home Deport 5 gallon buckets and fill with water - about on gallon will do just fine.  Then get one of those scrub pads - yellow sponge on one side and green scrub pad on the other.  Take a Tower section out of the Vinegar water and clean it off using the Dawn and sponge/scrubber.  Everything comes off early easy and the Tower section looks brand new!  Also, soak your stainless steel in the vinegar water and the stainless comes out sparkling clean.    One tub of vinegar water is enough to clean three Towers without any problem.


      Be sure to rinse off everything thoroughly.


      When you are finished with the Vinegar water, pour it over your weeds - it will kill them!