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    South Florida Tower Gardens


      I received the following question from a friend of my husband.  Any experiences you would be willing to share would be helpful.  Thank you. 


      The question is what kind of experience people have using tower gardens in south Florida. It would have to be outdoors. I can keep it shaded for part of the day but it still gets quite hot in the summer.  It's pretty much understood that you can't grow veg in south Florida until the weather cools in the fall, but I don't know if the tower garden set up might be able to handle it. 


      Thank you.

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          Hi sueb, I grow in S. FL using both indoor and outdoor TG's. Some years, my outdoor TG's grow year round (other years I keep to indoor TG's during the hot summer months). For success outdoors, what you grow is just as important as when you grow it.


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            I don't live in Florida, but for what it's worth, it's very sunny and hot where I live (desert southwest) and my Tower is thriving outside in spite of the consistent 100F+ heat. I didn't have the Tower going all summer long, though, because we went on vacation and I didn't have anyone to look after it while we were away, so I dismantled it,  but I set it back up August 19 when the daytime temps had cooled down to around 105F for a week or 2 (cool for us desert dwellers anyway), but then after the Tower was up and my seedlings implanted into it, the temps unexpectedly spiked up to 112F for a whole week before gradually settling back down over the next few weeks to sit at 100F to 105F. They are now sitting between 95F and 102F.


            Anyway, all my plants have been (and still are) thriving and growing quite nicely. I have 3 tomato plants, 1 cucumber plant, 1 pepper plant, 3 different basils, chocolate mint, lime balm, collard greens, bok choy, wildfire lettuce, romaine lettuce, kale, celery, cilantro, 4 alpine strawberry plants and a calendula plant.


            For what it's worth, I've been consistently harvesting the leafy greens off of it since Sept. 2, and in spite of the heat, my tomatoes just started setting fruit. I have to say that the Tower simply amazes me in that I've found it to defy many of the normal, age-old gardening 'rules'. I'm having a blast experimenting with it to see what it will surprise me with next.


            Here are the things that I use (or do) to help keep my plants happy in the heat: 1: my reservoir is double-wrapped in that silvery insulation material that Joed recommends; 2: I made use of the Tower weather protection blanket during the hottest part of the afternoons on those 112F days (I haven't needed to use it since then, by the way ); 3: I turn my Tower 1/4 turn once each day; 4: I keep my tower topped off every day, 5: I use a TDS meter on a daily basis to monitor nutrient uptake so that I know whether I need to add Tonic or whether I need to hold off on it (I've actually only needed to use 1/4 Tonic up until now); 6: I check my pH daily and adjust as needed; 7: I inspect my plants every day, and lastly (don't laugh) I even talk to them.  lol

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