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    Anyone using 1020 Trays and inserts?


      Needing to get some trays for seedlings.  Anyone else using the standard 1020 Trays?  Also, if you're using them, do you use the inserts?  What have your results been?


      Here are the trays and the inserts for reference.


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          Hi dniezby, I use the standard 10x20 and 10x10 trays. I do not use the inserts. I find the inserts are only helpful for when I must transport / ship seedlings after they are ready for insertion into the TG. Otherwise, the inserts just make it more difficult for me to move starter plugs from germination tray to seedling tray. If growing a large quantity of seedlings (commercial grower, seedling provider, school, etc.), it helps to sow only a single type of seed in each tray and keep the rockwool starter plugs connected in a sheet (since the seeds should all germinate roughly at the same time). For a residential grower, you would separate the starter plugs from the get-go (because dissimilar seeds germinate at different rates and need to be / should be moved down the line at different times). Again, I find the inserts get in the way in both cases.


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              It would be nice to need a number of trays filled with plants.  That would mean my garden has become a farm. Yeah!!! 

              For now, it’s just the one tower so a single tray should suffice. However, I can already see I better start some type of cycle with my lettuce and other plants that I will use up fast or I will be doing a lot of waiting between harvests. 

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              I've been doing bucket style vegetable hydro for a while now but bought at a yardsale this weekend, a very nice 28 cup Tower Garden.  Ordered more cups/rockwool planters today. Looking forward to getting started with this system which uses up lots less space than the buckets.


              Regarding the seedling start pans, I saw on one of the hydro YouTube videos, a guy using and highly suggesting, "cake carrier" plastic tops/bottoms to start the seedlings.  He was using 14 rock wool planters per "carrier".  So, a trip to DollarTree bought five of these ($1/each!) which I will use instead of the normal rectangular seedling trays.  A huge advantage here in mid-Gulf Florida is that I can keep them outside on the exposed patio and the squirrels/fruit rats can't get to them since the top locks in place.  I'll probably drill a few holes in the tops for ventilation.  The YouTube guy's cake carrier bottom had ribs so that the planters were slightly off the bottom for drainage. The DollarTree carriers are flat so I'll have to add some sort of rib.


              Just another idea for chewing on...