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    Upside Down


      Okay, Horticulturists time to teach some more.

      Most plants I - plant - grow like I would normally expect them to. You plant the seed, the seed sprouts and the plant grows out of the seed and up. 

      Recently I've planted green onions and garlic chives and have noticed that the seed comes up out of the medium and remains at the tip. 

      See in this photo the chives in the background and today, literally overnight, this stalk of swiss chard. I mean, those cotyledons appeared in 8 hours. There was nothing showing yesterday. I thought I was going to have to plant more seeds. Till today that is. Now I know I'll be thinning this out. 

      Anyway, are these "seeds" just the empty casing now or is that still supplying the plant?

      Should I trim that away or leave it? That swiss chard is a first. None of my swiss chard did this before. 

      It looks like it's growing upside down. Lol. 

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          Same thing occurs with Sunflowers. The "shell" of the seed comes up with the first leaves and stays on for a day or so.  It will fall off when it is ready.

          I've picked a few off but it leaves those first pale green leaves (I know that they are not actually "leaves") unprotected.

          I suspect that nature keeps them on so that they have a better chance of poking up through the dirt.  A harder covering.

          That Swiss Chard "shell" looks really odd but maybe that's the leftovers.  Blow your picture up and you can see the other "leaf" starting to poke out on the left side.

          So, nothing to be concerned about...

          Bob/Bradenton, FL

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            Hi dniezby, Those are what is referred to as a "seed coat". You may find this article informative:


            Seed Coat Stuck – Tips For Removing The Seed Coat After Germination



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