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    Net Pot Fitment into Growing Ports


      As a Newbie to the TG I had asked TT about how far into the TG Growing Port the Net Pot is pushed in.  I had noted some of my Net Pots had the non-flanged portion of the Net Pot all the way into the Growing Port and some of them would not push in all the way.

      My question was answered, thank you.  The Net Pot far/inside non-flanged lip goes all the way into the Growing Port to properly receive the drip.

      But, for some of these it was a really tight fit trying to force the upper edge of the Pot into the Port.

      So, and here's my "highly valued" new discovery to quickly get that lip into the Port.

      Instead of trying to push the upper lip with your thumb, just insert your first two fingers down into the bottom of the Cup at the inside lower edge, and simply push downward.  The lip clicks right into the Port with no effort at all.  Just did it with my Pots.  If the lip is deformed a bit, just push it into place to straighten it out.


      Just thought that I'd pass this along for other Newbie's to the TG.

      Bob/Bradenton, FL

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          Hi farmerbobbo, Great tip! Thanks for sharing! Just be careful with this method on older net pots. I have encountered many TG owners who have used the "Fingers In - Push" method and pushed their fingers straight through the bottom of a net pot. Personally, I prefer to use my thumbs... firmly pressing down on each side of the net pot flange... at the point where it touches the vertical portion of the white tower section.


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