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    Morning Scare


      I'm a paramedic by day job and was on shift for 24 hours. I came home to these wilted plants.  They looked horrible.  Panic mode set in. 

      Like my paramedic world, I immediately started looking at symptoms and thankfully, I found the problem right away.  The pump timer had shut off for some reason. 

      Thankfully I found the problem and two hours later almost all the plants have recovered. Whew. 

      There are some leaves that still seem wilted but are slowly improving. 

      Anyone know if there is anything I should do with leaves that stay wilted? Though 4 hours in, it would seem I might not have to worry about any of it. 

      Just thankful I got to it on time. 

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          Hi dniezby,


          "Anyone know if there is anything I should do with leaves that stay wilted?"


          Prune / Trim / Remove them.


          Just FYI... Even though your plants appear to have visually recovered, they always take a hit with something like this. Shock weakens them internally... makes them more susceptible to diseases, pests, etc.


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              I did prune off the outer leaves that became so thin they seemed to melt in my hand.  The remaining leaves have all recovered very well.  They're crisp again too. 


              The more I do this, the more plants amaze me.


              I do have a fan that blows purified air on them while the lights are on. It appears to have really helped the plants gain some strength and I'm hoping that is one thing that helped them recover so fast. The tomato plant popped back up almost instantly. Like Popeye eating his spinach. LOL.