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    Individual Plants Struggle after replaced in established Tower Struggle


      So my Tower is doing pretty well - about 80% of the plants very healthy and large with established roots.  A couple of my SPRING LETTUCE mix wilted & had to be removed. After starting a couple of new ones to the point of roots appearing in the Wool, I placed these in the empty slots in my Tower. Now THESE are wilty and not doing well either.


      I'm kind of at a loss as to what's causing this. I replaced my Nutrient solution (it was about 80 days old), I confirmed my PH is in balance (5.3). The Tower is LEVEL.


      Anyone else experience this? Is it possible that roots from the established plants are "in the way" of the new pots? Is it possible I put too many seeds in the Starter? (I put like 5-6 in each - but never removed any as they started growing.)

      Suggestions welcomed.  Thanks.