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    Tower Garden Dimensions


      Does anybody know what the height and weight of the Tower Garden is when at:

      • 5 pots tall
      • 7 pots tall
      • 9 pots tall
      • ect


      Much appreciated!

        • Re: Tower Garden Dimensions

          This aeroponic 5-feet-tall vertical garden allows you to grow up to 20 plants in less time than it takes in soil - needing only about a 2.5 feet x 2.5 feet area.

            The shipping weight of the Tower Garden and all the items that comes with it (Tower, pump, timer, Mineral blend, PH +/- and test kit, seed starting kit that includes rockwool - the growing medium, nets pots, a sampling of seeds, vermiculite and tray, measuring cup, drain hose, instruction book and a DVD) is 68 pounds. The actual Tower is a lightweight, food grade, UV stabilized plastic. When the 20 gallon reservoir is filled with water and the Tower is filled with plants, it will weigh close to 200 pounds.

             A Tower Garden with the extension kit (7 pots tall) is 67.0" and 11 pot tall is 97.0"