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    Faulty LED Fixture?


      I recently ordered my first tower in January and was so excited to get it all up and running! Then at the end of February one of my LED lights stopped working, so it's been growing on 3 LED lights. I assumed it was a faulty bulb and had the head office send me a replacement bulb. To my disappointment the replacement bulb didn't work when I plugged it into the arm. I unplugged one of the working lights from a different arm and was pleased that both the old light (which I assumed was faulty but clearly wasn't) and the replacement light worked! I advised head office of this and suggested that I thought it was the fixture which was faulty. Should I attempt to take apart the light fixture to see if all the wires are attached properly for the arm that is not working? When I asked head office about it they suggested I do some research on this website.   Has anyone encountered a LED fixture where one of the arms doesn't seem to be wired correctly?