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    New forum


      I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be putting up a peer support forum at our site http://ugrowfood.com Very soon. 

      We are doing a complete remodel so pardon the mess. We will be releasing a new site with forums, products and services and more. 

      Check the soon. 


      Dave, Owner UGrowFood 

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          Good morning Dave!

          Thank you for this! Does that mean you will be supporting educators, students and have the wonderful curriculum available?


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              We will have a forum for school growers, new growers and general growing as well as a few more. We want to make sure that things are easy to find, stay organized.  We want people to be able to follow conversations and be able to get answers to questions without having to scroll through pages of BS. 

              As far as Curriculum we will have links available but that is provided directly by Tower Garden already.